Here are some video production projects I have completed or have been a big part of.

Some of the videos I produced with my team as the head of the video department at DigitalWerk GmbH (please note, that most are made for the Austrian market and are therefore in German):

You can find more examples on the DigitalWerk YouTube channel.

And here are some of the videos I made during my self-employment:

I was the director, writer, producer and editor for this promo film made for the city of Ljubljana for the Eurocities Award 2013. The project and film “Providing safe & equal opportunities in traffic for children & people with disabilities” won the award in the “Smart living” category.

I directed, co-wrote, produced and edited this promotional film for the company S&T Slovenia, specifically for S&T Defence, showcasing their various products on practical examples.

I was the video editor for this TV ad for the Tušmobil MINGL 2012 campaign.

I directed, co-wrote produced and edited this viral video for the Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone. I also did some acting in it as you can see.

Please visit to see more of them.

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